The Crackpot’s Guide To How Every TV Show Ever Has Been Infiltrated By The Illuminati

Warming Glow has been doing a disservice to you all. Over the past week and a half, we’ve spent so much energy bitching about NBC tape-delaying the Olympics that we haven’t been paying attention to what’s really been going on in London: ILLUMINATI. You know, the organization that believes in…pyramids and Jay-Z songs, I think? I DO know they’re big New Order fans. But haven’t you heard? During the Opening Ceremony, the “Olympic Stadium floodlights [were], in fact, depictions of the All-Seeing Eye.” OBVIOUSLY. We’re sorry for not bringing this to your attention sooner, but our ignorance ends now: what follows is our totally accurate, not at all crackpot guide to how every TV show ever is an Illuminati cover-up. Here are 15 such examples.

“Watching Mad Men, started coughing, paused, saw the Illuminati/Devil sign…Fk this world guys.” (Via)

I don’t what any of that means and they’re all taken from the same totally convincing YouTube video, but I’m convinced. THE SIMPSONS IS DESTROYING AMERICA, OR WHATEVER ANTI-ILLUMINATI PEOPLE THINK.


The illuminati parked extra cars across the street from the restaurant, so Meadow would have to parallel park, and thus wouldn’t be there to break up the shooting. (Via)

Nearly every possible Illuminati stamp is in the re-launched Dr. Who science fiction series: multi-sexuality; blatant anti-religion; and occult symbology of the most obvious sort.

But what marks Dr. Who as a clear, and primary, Illuminati-managed project is revealed in two ways:

1) The show presents an analogy to the Jewish race that matches precisely the manner in which Jews at large have been used, manipulated, and sentenced to die.

2) New episodes of the show mirror world events which have transpired more or less recently. When we keep in mind that these episodes were planned and created more than a year in advance, we begin to see a pattern: the Illuminati have a precise plan and are acknowledging their hand in the unfolding of events. (Via)

I usually don’t look at signs or subliminal imagery as a big deal but this is kind of stomach turning with the Illuminati eye and Ron Paul embedded into these shows. (Via)

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Oh boy, Rihanna was on SNL, and (after what I thought was a great performance) I took a look at the video in slow motion since I noticed so many flashing images. Here’s what I found, pyramids, all seeing eyes, and Baphomets, oh my. There is even some moon imagery, perhaps some of that David Icke Moon Matrix worship. (Via)

At the heart of this beloved children’s series, both Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, there lies a link to just about every type of conspiracy known to basement dwellers. The Muppets are abstract version of humanity. What did Jim Henson know that we don’t? Why did Disney buy up the Muppets?

– Illuminati overlords – who do you think Statler and Waldorf really are? Dance little muppets dance. (Via)

I’ve fallen in love with the show and i’ve noticed that in a couple of episodes the main character, Ted, has a poster for the movie Metropolis, which has been cited many times on this website as a classic illuminati film and i wanted to share this with the website (Via)

My God, look at that checkerboard floor, which is evidently a bad thing.

horns on both characters, and one is a mini-demon

Well, you can certainly judge for yourself here, but it looks a lot like him to me…I didn’t take this screenshot but I believe it to be genuine, I’m searching right now for what episode this is from. What does this mean? Illuminati showing us our future Prez? (Via)


I remember back in the late 90’s how much triangles i saw.. i have always wonderd why there are so many…The illuminati has taken over the world and its too late.. (Via)

I bet you all know that Charlie Sheen got kicked out from the show “Two and a half men” and how the mass-media wants it to be because of drug-related problems. Charlie Sheen is now clean from all drugs according to urin and blood samples taken in february. So why would they kick him out if he’s on the right track? Charlie’s career was destroyed by the Illuminati through their power of manipulation within the company CBS. (Columbian Broadcasting System) You wonder how this could have happened? (Via)

Actually, no. You lost me after misspelling “urine.”

The Joes are presented as a group of all-American soldiers with strong values, fighting with integrity and honesty against an ever-plotting terrorist group. They are what the American army is supposed to be and the ideal image that the military-industrial-complex want us to believe. But the Joe’s enemies, the ever-plotting terrorist group is not a foreign menace: It exists within the system. In other words, if the Joes existed today, they would probably be fighting their own government, the hidden part of it…what we call the Illuminati.

So the question remains: Why did the series describe these sophisticated plans with such vivid details to its youthful audience? Was G.I. Joe one of the many TV shows and movies sponsored by the American government and the owners of the mass media companies who broadcast it? Were they preparing the youth to the revelation of realities by exposing it to them at a young age? Were they trying to warn the public? The creators of this show definitely knew the answer to these questions, and we should too. Because knowing is half the battle. (Via)