Important: Jon Hamm Doesn’t Wear Underwear, Hangs To The Right

Look: We typically leave this sort of celebrity gotcha paparazzi scuttlebutt to the gossip blogs, BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT. Jon Hamm doesn’t wear underwear, and he hangs to the right. Why is this so important? I’ll tell you why.

Because Jon Hamm is more than just a celebrity: He is the idealization of man. Strong jaw. Broad shoulders. Ideal Height. Perfect hair. Great teeth. Nice smile. Excellent stubble. Debonair. He wears a suit like Sinatra, and he can probably drink a fish under the table. Jon Hamm is what Robert Bly was talking about in his book Iron John, a folktale about the need for men to learn from other men how to honor and reimagine the positive image of their masculinity.

Jon Hamm is the poster boy for modern masculinity. The first question any man must ask himself before he dresses in the morning is this: What would Jon Hamm do? (WWJHD) Jon Hamm doesn’t wear underwear. Ergo, if you want to reinvent your own masculinity, this is where you start: Rid yourself of your boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs. Give your manhood freedom to roam. Don’t constrict your manhood. Let Jon Hamm be a shining example to you.

In the immortal words of Cosmo Kramer: “I’m out there Jerry! And I’m loving every minute of it!”

(Source: The Superficial)