In Case You Missed It, Last Night’s ‘Parks And Recreation’ Ended With The Perfect Callback

Last night’s excellent second episode of Parks and Recreation, “Leslie and Ron,” which Josh correctly noted was one of the all-time best episodes of the entire series run, brought plenty of emotion. It was an interesting idea to have Ron and Leslie at odds with one another when the series returned from its time jump, but ultimately I’m glad they didn’t draw it out too long because — as always — this show is at its best when deftly combining humor and heart.

At any rate, as the episode closed out with Leslie and Ron headed off to get down with some waffles and bacon, respectively, they each said a line that sounded vaguely familiar. As it turns out, it was a callback to season two’s “Summer Catalog.”

Perfectly executed. I have no idea what Parks and Recreation has in store for the last moments of the series finale, but it’s gonna be really goddamn hard to top this.

(Via Daily Pawnee)