In Honor Of Her Happy Marriage, Here Are Kristen Bell’s 15 Most Gosh Darn Adorable GIFs

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10.18.13 14 Comments
Here’s something I never thought I’d say: good for you, Dax Shepard. Few actors have been able to pull off the transformation he has, from prank-pulling douche (Punk’d) to lovable screw-up (Parenthood), and it’s all because of Kristen Bell. OK, not really, because he was in the masterpiece that is Idiocracy before he met Bell, but just go along with me here, because Kristen Bell is the best. Only once has she played the lead on a TV show, the essential Veronica Mars, but she’s an always welcome sight, whether in Party Down, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, or more recently, Parks and Recreation. Hell, we’ll even give her Heroes, and we give NO ONE Heroes.

After a long courtship, Shepard and Bell officially tied the knot yesterday, so in honor of their happy marriage, let’s revisit some of Bell’s most gosh darn adorable contributions to GIF culture. And then watch this.








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