In ‘Wax On, Wax Off’ A ‘Tonight Show’ Audience Member Gets His Chest Waxed For Wrong Trivia Answers

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06.12.14 5 Comments

Jimmy Fallon played a game called Wax On, Wax Off last night on The Tonight Show in which he took an audience member who would win $100 for every trivia question answered correctly, or get a strip of chest hair waxed for every question answered incorrectly — the trick being that his friend was the one actually answering the questions. Of course, it didn’t really matter who answered them, because the real trick was that the questions were impossibly hard and you wouldn’t know them unless you were a scholar in a very specific field, and maybe not even then. So somebody’s getting waxed!

It’s easy enough for me to laugh away, being a woman who will never have to get her chest waxed, but even then let’s face it: Women have a higher threshold for pain, anyway. Don’t believe me? If men were the ones who had to give birth, the human race would probably dwindle off within the century. I’m nearly sure of it.

Part Two:

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