The Inevitable Rob Ford/Chris Farley Video Mashup Is Fat, Loud, And Proud

There was no way this wasn’t going to happen, but I’m still glad it did: below you’ll find a video mashup of Rob Ford and Chris Farley’s proudest moments, which might as well be titled, “Shooting, Snorting, Popping, Drinking, or Rob Ford’s Tips to a Healthy, Productive Tuesday.” That reminds me: who gets to play Ford on this week’s SNL? Seth Meyers said on Live with Kelly and Michael that “we’re hoping that by Saturday Rob Ford, the Toronto mayor, is still a story.” Well, unless another obese, red-faced mayor is caught licking heroin off the eyelids of orphans, he’s still going to be a story. It has to be Bobby Moynihan, right? Either that, or Lorne Michaels can dig up Farley’s corpse.

He looks more like Rob Ford now than he did when he was alive.

(Via Bro Bible)