Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ Season 2 Trailer Adds Murder And Beauty Pageants To The ‘Messy’ Mix

“You can get away with a lot when you’re hot.”

Insatiable is (almost) back on Netflix, and surprise, surprise, the word “messy” arrives in bold in the second season trailer. The controversial series’ debut season — which introduced a formerly overweight teen losing weight and gaining revenge on her tormentors — left many feeling as baffled and ragey one would expect. The shows stars, including former Disney Star Debby Ryan, attempted to defend the show against “fat-shaming” claims, which didn’t quite work, but in the end, the viewing numbers were good enough for renewal. Well, it looks like the satiric series is embracing the controversy by making Ryan’s Patty a beauty pageant contestant, a committer of grand theft auto, and a murder suspect.

Even though one character tells Patty that she’s “leaving all the drama behind,” it’s clear that she’s definitely not doing so, and Insatiable is going bigger as a twisted revenge comedy. From the synopsis:

[N]ow that she finds herself suddenly thin, Patty is out for payback against anyone who has ever made her feel bad about herself. Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts), a disgraced attorney whose true passion is coaching beauty pageant contestant, is the only one who sees Patty’s potential, and takes her under his wing — first as a legal client, and then as a pageant contestant whom he coaches toward becoming the top pageant queen in the country. But Bob and his wife Coralee (Alyssa Milano) have no idea how deep Patty’s rage goes, or how far she will go to exact revenge on anyone who has ever wronged her. Bullies beware: payback’s a bitch, revenge is sweet, and if you cross Patty, you’ll be her next treat.

Insatiable‘s second season arrives on October 11.