Is It A Compliment To Tell Michael Douglas That He’s Looking A Lot Like His Father?

Michael Douglas has always stood apart from his father his bit in the looks department. Where Kirk Douglas was always the stone chinned leading man with a clean look, Michael Douglas has always featured a shaggier look. He’s also looked extremely old for years, like a piece of meat thrown in the ring with Roberto Duran.

Now he’s on the rebound from cancer, looking decent despite some Jack Sparrow looking eye shadow, and stopping by Letterman to chat a bit. I just can’t say I agree with Letterman saying he’s looking more and more like his father. Does he mean now? If so, I don’t think that’s a compliment considering how Kirk Douglas is fairing now.

Why not just tell the guy with cancer that he looks like a ghoul, Dave? That seems like it would be just as good.

In all seriousness, I don’t see the comparison. Like I said, I’ve always seen them as two different face cards in the same deck. They have some similarities, but I always believed Michael Douglas wanted a separate, but equal existence. And he’s got it.

And as for Kirk, I can only hope I look anywhere near as good when I’m 97 and dealing with the effects of a stroke. I’m not even sure I’ll look that good at 35. He’ll always have my appreciate for the years of awesome movies and the parodies of those movies from The Critic.

(Via The Late Show)