Is Lena Dunham Responsible For The Sony Hack? Maybe!

Here’s the latest in Sony hack news: “cyber-security experts” are more and more convinced that North Korea is not, in fact, behind the attacks, and that the whole thing may have been an inside job. Further, a focus of the investigation is a woman named “Lena.”

Reports Business Insider:

Security Ledger reports that Norse investigated a Sony employee known only as “Lena,” viewing messages that she posted on social media and group chats…The messages posted online by Lena suggest that she was angry with Sony Pictures, as she complained about layoffs and the company, chatting online with hackers and “hacktivist” campaigners with knowledge of hacking.

Hmmmm…what monster named Lena do we know for a fact is unabashedly hell-bent on destroying everything? That’s right, folks — Lena Dunham. Perhaps Dunham had a three-picture deal with Sony but they passed on her script about a Brooklyn barista with a chronic bed-wetting problem who’s dating a dude obsessed with incorporating puppets into their love-making and she’s PISSED about it? We all know that this is a thing that is possible.

But rather than relying on speculation based in flawless reasoning, let’s take a look at some of the recently posted social media evidence…

And finally, most damning of all…

Lena Dunham is obviously the person who hacked Sony. I mean, she’s already broadcasting her future leaks. Send her to Guantanamo and cancel Girls, which returns for its 4th season on January 11th, immediately.