Is This The Worst ‘The Walking Dead’ Theory Yet?

Last month, I speculated that The Walking Dead should have a natural, organic end date predicated on science and based on the eventual extinction of zombies. The thought here is that Greg Nicotero — the special effects supervisor on The Walking Dead — has taken great pains to show the decomposition of The Walking Dead zombies over the course of the series, and based on the natural decomposition rate of humans, the walkers from the original outbreak should only “survive” for three to five years. Granted, less than two years have passed in five seasons of The Walking Dead, so Kirkman could theoretically go another five seasons before the walkers are just shambling bones.

Say whatever you want to say about that theory, but at least it’s based on science consistent with statements made by the show’s producers (and it makes logical sense).

This theory, from Reddit, was on my front page. It was one of the top posts in The Walking Dead subreddit. It has 116 comments, and it’s also based in “science.” While it doesn’t explain the origins of the outbreak on The Walking Dead (a question that Robert Kirkman is not interested in exploring for factually innacurate reasons), it does explain how the walkers continue to remain mobile.

It’s very simple, really.

They run on solar power.

Oh, of course! SOLAR POWER. The mystery of The Walking Dead has been solved! Pack it up, fellas. Shut it down, Kirkman. You’ve been FIGURED OUT.

Just think about it, how else would the zombies gain metabolism to be able to move around? How else can a walker function without having critical organs? That’s because a walker’s cells feeds off of solar energy. It also explains how walkers could survive through years and years despite not having any living flesh for food.

It also explains why the walkers that are outside exposed to the sun are seen constantly moving and roaming all over the place, while the ones that are deep within dark buildings or buried underground sit still unless they are disturbed; the walker brain recognizes that sunlight is unavailable and goes on hibernation mode to save energy, only waking up once it detects fleshy food or sunlight nearby.

That makes total sense to me! Their cells feed off solar energy! They’re green energy zombies! Environmentally conscious! And now that we know that they run on solar power, we know how The Walking Dead ends: Daryl Dixon simply flips the off switch on the sun!

Welcome to The Walking Dead off-season, folks.

(Source: Reddit)