Even The Parody Version Of ‘It’ Is A Bit Too Creepy To Put Up With On ‘The Late Late Show’

09.14.17 9 months ago 2 Comments

With the success of Stephen King’s It at theaters, you knew that someone was going to put together the obvious parody of placing Pennywise The Clown in the I.T. department at your local office. The honor of the first parody falls to James Corden on The Late Late Show, allowing him to toss on the clown makeup and costume to bring some laughs to a character who murders children.

Now he’s far from the creepy version in played to perfection by Bill Skarsgård — the love child of the Miz and Steve Buscemi according to some of the fine folks in the comments — but he honestly is a little bit creepy. He might look dumpy and breaks the scary presence a bit, but he’s also got that John Wayne Gacy thing going for him that is just unsettling.

While some of the jokes are a little obvious, there are plenty of moments that are funny. You do not want to pop a killer clown’s balloon and you don’t want to try to force a killer clown to leave. Their determination is too strong unless you beat them with a baseball bat or pop their nose to make them explode like a large balloon.

The best part here is the real I.T. department finally shows up and it’s Freddy Krueger. The interesting part here is that Andrés Muschietti actually wanted Pennywise to transform into Freddy at one point in the film. He opted against it in the end, but it almost happened. That might not be why the character shows up here, but they do share that similar supernatural background that seems to gel well together. It might not be fun for their victims, but they could definitely work out some creative ways to terrorize a community.

(Via Late Late Show)

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