This Italian Actress Attempted The Splits On Live TV And It Went As Badly As Possible

Lisa Fusco is an Italian singer and actress who also goes by the stage name Subrettina. I don’t really know much about her because pretty much everything written about her on the internet is in Italian, but, from what I gather, doing splits seems to be kind of “her thing.” Last Friday, Fusco appeared on the Italian talk show MezzoGiorno Italiano, and attempted one of these impressive gymnastics feats.

It… did not go so well. If you can watch this without clutching your guy-parts or lady-parts in empathetic pain like I did, then you are a better person than myself.

Here are a couple of videos from Fusco’s Instagram account to prove that she has actually successfully done splits on television before — although it’s unknown if she’ll be doing them again.



(Via Bob’s Blitz)

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