Here Is Every ‘God Dammit’ From All 12 Seasons Of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

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In 12 seasons and 134 episodes of FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, we’ve seen the gang engage in countless acts of despicable, and often times, life-ruining behavior. But while the series may be at a crossroads now that Dennis Reynolds has seemingly left the City of Brotherly Love for the greener pastures of family life in North Dakota (as star Glenn Howerton leaves for the greener pastures of NBC), one thing that will never change about the gang is their inventive and versatile use of the phrase “god dammit.”

Mac, Dee, Dennis, Charlie, and Frank have said “god dammit” a lot of times over the years, and thanks to this nearly six minute long supercut uploaded to YouTube by user Nikki Potnick, you can now watch every single one in chronological order, from over the course of all 12 season of the show. There’s angry god dammits, frustrated god dammits, defeated god dammits, furious god dammits, spiteful god dammits, Fat Mac god dammits, Skinny Mac god dammits, “god dammit Franks,” “god dammit Charlies,” and much, much more.

It pretty much goes without saying that this is the best way to spend six minutes of your day today, god dammit please and thank you.

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