Rob McElhenney Has Made Yet Another Dramatic Transformation In The First Look At ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Season 15

Rob McElhinney isn’t only the creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; he’s also the one who puts his body in danger. For Season 7 — all the way back in 2011 — the show’s resident Mac had a shocking transformation: He gained 50 pounds and was often seen chowing down on unhealthy food. (He went got jacked for Season 8.) Now, in the first look at Season 15, he’s rocking a new look, one that’s not as over-the-top but still pretty eye-catching.

The image shows Charlie Day, McElhinney, and Glen Howerton (but not Kaitlin Olsen and Danny DeVito) standing outside Paddy’s, looking faux-serious. Day and McElhinney are even crossing their arms. But the latter goes even further: He has long hair, a horseshoe mustache, and two earrings, as well as an oversized windbreaker. Again, McElhinney’s gone way more extreme before, but it’s still a respectably dirtbag vibe.

There was no It’s Always Sunny last year, the first time it’s taken a year off since 2014, between Seasons 9 and 10. It’s not clear when Season 15 will bow, which may wind up not being until next year. But the show, which has been on since 2005, has been greenlit through Season 18, at which point it will be the longest-running live-action comedy in TV history. Not bad for a show set in a state that both helped create American democracy and, late last year, save it.

(Via The AV Club)