‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Already Gave Us 2016’s Best Sex Scene

If anyone on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia could use a win, it’s the Waitress or Rickety Cricket. So let me rephrase that: If anyone in The Gang on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia could use a win, it’s Charlie Kelly. He’s a simple man with simple pleasures, like horse shirts, kitten mittens, and Grilled Charlies, but because he’s so gullible and eager to fit in, he often finds himself in horrible situations. Charlie’s (usually) a victim of circumstance, not a bully, unlike Dennis, who went full douche in “The Gang Hits the Slopes,” last night’s spot-on parody of every snobs vs. slobs 1980s teen comedy.

I could spend 5,000 words on Dennis’ laugh alone, or the way Frank said “snow,” or Dee’s neon outfits, but no, this is about Charlie, who got a rare win. He’s the only one in The Gang who isn’t immediately an expert skier and has a hard time figuring out “the rules” of the mountain. Thing is, there are no rules: It’s a non-stop party at Babe Manor (yes, that was Ski School‘s Dean Cameron as Drisko), where women don’t mind when their tops are ripped off, and there’s an PA announcer who’s somehow omniscient.

While trying to solve the riddle that is Party Mountain, Charlie discovers Tatiana — a Bulgarian woman Frank flew over to “hand deliver her finest caviar” — topless in a jacuzzi. Eventually, he hops in, too, with his clothes still on, because, to quote Charlie’s big speech at the end, “I like the mountain, I understand the rules, and I am gonna shred.” He also likes having sex with Tatiana, “sweet sex, amazing sex. A lotta sex. Jacuzzi sex, Dennis!”

The super-graphic scene (more like FXXX, am I right?) was set to “Jesse’s Girl,” and ends with Charlie sitting in a chair, playing the saxophone, while Tatiana sits naked at his feet. It’s already 2016’s best sex scene.

Of course, Tatiana turns out to be a hooker that Frank hired, and Charlie has to go to the hospital after all the sweet, amazing, unprotected sex they had. But for that one blissful night, Charlie was the champion of the sun.

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