Jake Johnson Thinks ‘New Girl’ Is Pretty Much Done At The End Of This Season

Life on the cancellation bubble is cruel. (Just ask your local Whedonite.) New Girl devotees are currently in that tricky spot with season 7 not guaranteed just yet. There hasn’t been a downpour of red flags about life beyond beyond season 6, but one cast member doesn’t like the show’s chances of survival.

Jake Johnson is in SXSW promo mode for his new film Win It All and during his time in Texas he chatted a bit about the future of New Girl with The Daily Beast. According to Johnson, the Fox comedy’s season finale sounds like its series finale.

“I think after this season it’s done,” said Johnson.

TV’s Nick Miller says they haven’t gotten word on the show’s status on Fox. If the sitcom packs it in, there will at least be something appropriate waiting for them.

“Fox won’t tell us [whether the show will be renewed],” offered Johnson while bridging to the silver lining. “But we shot a finale where, if this was the end, the core fan base would be OK.”

Johnson’s musing about the show’s fate can be interpreted in a handful of ways. It’s possible he’s just speaking casually about the show’s lack of pick-up at this stage. Family Guy hasn’t been renewed either and it would be strange for Fox to slash that part of their animation block. Or maybe Johnson knows something more about the behind-the-scenes status of the show than he’s willing to share. Or he could be protecting us from the surprise announcement of a New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine merged series. Speculation caps on, people!

(Via The Daily Beast)