Is Richard Madden Teasing That He’s The Next James Bond With A Cryptic Martini Video? Or Is He Just Trying To Get You To Watch ‘Citadel’?

Daniel Craig wrapped his final day as James Bond some three-and-a-half years ago, and yet still to this day he doesn’t have a replacement — at least that the public knows about. There have been rumors. Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s name was floated not long ago. (And no, Idris Elba won’t be taking the gig, stop asking.) Now there’s another.

Over the weekend, Stanley Tucci dropped a strange and cryptic video on Instagram showing him and his Citadel colleague Richard Madden sitting in a restaurant or bar, two martinis in front of them. They don’t say much. Awkward silences are followed by first quiet, barely discernible chatter. Finally they cheers and take a sip. A bit later Madden jokes, “Join us next week when we have dialogue.”

What is going on here? A lot of people in the comments had an idea. The martinis seemed to be a big tip, prompting many to speculate that this was Madden’s way of revealing that he’s the new 007.

Or, speculates The AV Club, this is a shameless way to get reporters to write pieces like this, speculating on Madden’s Bond chances…while also promoting Madden and Tucci’s new, expensive Amazon show Citadel, which is, like the Bond films, about globe-trotting spies. If so, it might just work.

(Via The AV Club)