James Franco Actually Made Leslie Jones Throw Up In Her Mouth Live On ‘SNL’

Entertainment Editor
12.10.17 2 Comments

If you think James Franco seems like the kind of guy that would start laughing then make you recall the story of nearly throwing up on live TV thanks to him spitting fake blood in your mouth and face, then you’re right. He is the kind of guy who would do that. After Franco hosted one of the best episodes of Saturday Night Live this season, he plopped Leslie Jones in front of her phone to make sure the behind-the-scenes of her queasy, bloody moment was captured for posterity.

Here’s Jones confirming that her gag reflex was in full working order as a delighted and giggling Franco eggs her on like a proud buddy: “You f*cking traumatized me. Blood went in my mouth and then I threw up in my mouth, and I had to swallow it so I wouldn’t throw up on national f*cking live TV,” she said.

If you watch the sketch over again, you can tell something is wrong and she’s probably trying to say her lines, but all she gives is a glare to Franco and a few grunts as she holds back from barfing. Here’s that moment, followed by Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon looking off-camera, maybe for a bucket?

Props to Leslie for keeping it together. What a pro.

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