James Franco Made Absolutely No Sense When He Tried To Explain His New Novel To Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

Last night, when introducing James Franco to his audience, Jimmy Kimmel said that the recently roasted actor/student/artist/writer/teacher/stoner leads a “fruitful and fascinating life.” That’s certainly one way to put it.

Franco now has a novel out — because of course James Franco has a novel out — which he was on the show to promote. Here’s his explanation of what the book — which one Amazon reviewer compared to having “a drunk guy with a hugely inflated ego yell in my ear about the people he knows and how friggin awesome he is” — is about.

“The structure’s based on a recovery book, like Alcoholics Anonymous. Not because I think acting is an addiction. It’s more looking at, um … a recovery program, once you get over addiction is sort of like looking at your life to see what led to the addiction. So it’s looking at acting, specifically it’s acting, and I’m an actor in Hollywood, and looking at all the specifics of that, but looking to be able to kind of extrapolate from that and say, ‘Well, when I say acting, it’s more like life in the sense that when you’re an actor, you’re just interacting with other actors in an imaginary circumstance. Well, it’s not that big of a leap to say, Well, life is just interacting with other people in the world. So it’s looking at acting as a kind of way of looking at life.”

All of this led Kimmel to remark, “I have no idea what you’re saying right now.” That made at least two of us.

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