Jamie Foxx Found And Returned A Very Happy Woman’s Purse As He Continues To Surprise The World After His Health Scare

Jamie Foxx is starting to pop up forever. After spending the past few months recovering from an undisclosed medical complication that left him hospitalized earlier in the year, Foxx was first spotted in public riding a boat down the Chicago River on Friday. But, apparently, that’s not all he was doing.

In a now-viral video shared on Instagram, the actor reportedly found a woman’s purse on Monday and returned it to her on the street, according to Page Six. The woman’s daughter caught Foxx just as he was leaving and giving her the hang loose sign as they understandably freaked out over the encounter.

“Mom lost her bag in Chicago today Jamie fox [sic] found it and brought it to her and he said he feels good y’all god is good,” the woman wrote in the caption of the video, which you can see below:

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Foxx actually made another public appearance before his boat trip down the Chicago river. The actor reportedly attended a golf outing on Saturday night where he was seen working on his swing and in good spirits:

An eyewitness tells TMZ his swing was better than the people with whom he was competing! The eyewitness says he had a very strong swing. BTW, Jamie won. Beyond that, he was walking around, chatting with friends and family. The eyewitness says, “He was walking regular, not dragging his leg. His arm movement were definitely good,” adding, “He was just regular Jamie.”

On top of making surprise appearances, Foxx is keeping busy professionally. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Foxx and Colin Firth are working with Sony Music Entertainment to produce a documentary on the legendary singer Luther Vandross.

“Luther is one of our GOATs,” Foxx said in a statement to THR. “He’s one of the greatest singers in the history of music. It is truly an honor to be a part of the team to help bring this incredible story to the masses.”

(Via Page Six, TMZ, The Hollywood Reporter)