January Jones Took Bathtub Selfies Pretending To Be Ricky Gervais

January Jones followed up her Emmy-nominated work on Mad Men with a lead role in The Last Man on Earth. She’s remained busy, but not so busy that she can’t enjoy a nice soak in the tub, taking a sequence of photos where she pretends to be Ricky Gervais. The Extras creator regularly takes selfies from unflattering angles, whether it be from his bosom-vagina or in the bathtub.

It’s impossible to take a picture of Jones, who’s really good at this whole Instagram thing, from an unflattering angle, but she’s got the tub part down.

I was inspired by @rickygervais to do a bathtub series, I’m calling it “a bathtub series not by Ricky Gervais but by me”. This one is called ‘fake sleeping in a tub without a cat’. #gotoffworktooearlytoday

2nd one in the series titled: “How far under I could get without dropping my phone in the tub or on my face..sans cat”

#3 titled: ‘looking at a picture of Ricky Gervais and his cat while I’m in the tub’ #sorryifimgettingtooheavyforsomeofyounonartpeople

Men are here to serve women, and inspire weird Instagram projects. The series, entitled “A bathtub series not by Ricky Gervais, but by me,” would be hilariously pretentious if it weren’t so, well, hilarious. Have a look at the final hashtag: #sorryifimgettingtooheavyforsomeofyounonartpeople.

Never change, January Jones, you weirdo. I wonder if Essena approves?

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