Seth Meyers Couldn’t Handle The Mask That Jason Mantzoukas Uses To Contain His Massive Quarantine Beard

The always entertaining Jason Mantzoukas dropped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday where he showed off his hilarious, new COVID mask that practically left Meyers in tears. While talking about his pandemic life that’s left him stranded at home for a year with no one to talk to but the weird paintings on his wall (that he can’t stop buying from eBay), Mantzoukas joked about his quarantined beard and how he’s trying to go for the “full circle.” Of course, with a beard that big, Mantzoukas runs into trouble when it comes time to wear a mask when out in public, but he seems to have a found a solution. Namely a giant rubber screaming baby mask.

After disappearing off-camera, Mantzoukas emerged wearing his new COVID mask, and as you can tell by the screencap below, Meyers absolutely lost it.


And just to really sell the bit, here’s a random captioned shot of Mantzoukas attempting to talk to people at the grocery store with his special mask:


While Mantzoukas probably doesn’t really wear the mask out in public, he could for an entirely different reason than full-beard COVID protection. Back in September, he was drawn into a wild Reddit relationship post involving a husband very questionably catfishing his wife as Mantzoukas. (For the record, The Good Place actor wasn’t involved in any way.) Problematic relationship issues aside, the incident stirred up a frenzy of Mantzoukas thirst on social media where scores of women admitted they’re extremely attracted to the bearded comedy actor. So, who knows? Maybe Mantzoukas does wear the baby mask so he can buy fresh avocados without being ogled at every turn. The man has feelings, too, folks.