Khal Drogo From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Will Play A Ruthless Fur Trader In A New Netflix Series

You guys remember Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, right? Big guy, legendary warrior, good at murdering? No no, not him. The other one. The one who occasionally ripped people’s throats out with his bare hands. The one who married Daenerys. The guy with the mascara. There we go.

Anyway, the actor who played him, Jason Momoa, who will also be playing Aquaman on the big screen in the near future, just landed a new television role as a fur trader on an upcoming Netflix series titled Frontier. Here’s the summary, via The Hollywood Reporter:

The drama is told from multiple perspectives and set in a world where business negotiations are frequently resolved with hatchet fights. Frontier will also explore the delicate relations between Native tribes and Europeans that can spark bloody conflicts.

Momoa will star as Declan Harp, an ambitious, confident, charismatic and untamed man with a reputation for being a ruthless trader, driven by lust and revenge.

Some phrases that jump out here: “hatchet fights,” “Declan Harp” (A+ name), “untamed man,” and “driven by lust and revenge.” Especially that last one. More character descriptions should end with “driven by lust and revenge.” It really spices things up. Like, imagine if the original pitch for Murder, She Wrote had been “Angela Lansbury stars as Jessica Fletcher, a mystery writer who uses her knowledge of the genre to help solve crimes as an amateur detective, driven by lust and revenge.” Now there’s a television show.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)