Jason Momoa Describes His Apple TV+ ‘See’ Character As ‘If Actually Khal Drogo Lived On’

Jason Momoa has been on one of the most popular TV shows of all-time (Game of Thrones) and starred in a movie that made over $1 billion at the box office (Aquaman), but he calls his next project “probably my best work.” That would be the Apple TV+ series See, a high concept science-fiction drama set in a future where humans have gone blind … until a set of twins with sight are born (the dot dot dot feels necessary.)

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Momoa compared his character on the show, the tribal warrior Baba Voss, to “if Khal Drogo actually lived on. He never got to be a father. I never got to fulfill any of that … In this, by the second episode, I’m 60 years old with 15-year-old twins. Even though he’s a warrior, he’s a man trying to keep his family together. I’ve never experienced a dad role. I’ve never had the opportunity to go to these places before.” At least until Aquaman 2: Aquababies comes out.

The See cast also went through a lot of intense training, as you might imagine on an action-heavy show where most of the characters can’t see, including Momoa training “with a movement coach and a sightless fight coach” and “[wearing] a sleep-mask blindfold for stretches at a time and even [trying] echolocating (a sightless navigation technique where you make noises and listen for how the sound bounces off nearby objects like sonar).” Ripping out that dude’s tongue seems easy by comparison.

See premieres on November 1.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)