Jason Sudeikis Brought Video Of His Adorable Toddler Son Slam Dunking To ‘The Tonight Show’

Between the tantrums, potty-training, and picky eating, there are plenty of wonderful, revelatory moments spent with toddlers who are discovering how the world works. When Jason Sudeikis appeared on The Tonight Show, he told Jimmy Fallon that watching his 16-month-old son Otis figure out how to walk, it was like watching “evolution” taking place. But that pure moment of parental joy quickly turned into shame when Otis learned how to slam dunk. Why? Because Otis celebrates every time he slam dunks, and he’s getting really cocky about it. Now Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are going to need to spend their lives trying to prevent their delightful, tow-headed son from becoming an insufferable jerk.

As Sudeikis puts it, that “showboating” has to stop.” Settle down, little kid. No one likes a sore winner.

(Via The Tonight Show)