Jay Pharoah Showcased Some Amazing Impressions Of Black Comedy Greats On ‘SNL’

Contributing Writer
03.06.16 2 Comments

The highlight of comedian Katt Williams’ crazy week was likely when the comedian issued Kevin Hart a $5 million challenge over subliminal Instagram dissing. The two would later hash out their differences, but how did this calm actually happen? Jay Pharoah has the answer on SNL and it seems to involve a whole host of black comedians.

Every year, all the black greats of comedy hold a gathering at Eddie Murphy’s house. Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Hannibal Buress, and Chris Tucker were all there, trying to get Williams and Hart to kiss and make up. And lucky for us, the story gave Pharoah an excuse to bust out his immaculate impressions of each comedian in quick succession. Pharoah’s impressions were spot on and impressive, even when it came to the comedians that couldn’t actually be there in reality — looking at you, Bernie Mac.

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