Jeffrey Dean Morgan Only Offered One Word To Describe His ‘The Boys’ Character For Season 4

Jeffrey Dean Morgan loves to lean into his reputation as a small-screen bad boy, and he’s not only currently bringing back semi-Old Negan in The Walking Dead: Dead City but also gearing up for the world to see him in The Boys‘s fourth season. This will repair him with old Supernatural pal Eric Kripke, who’s already intro-ed Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy into the franchise. And although Morgan’s role is expected to be a small one (because the man is busy), fans are still clamoring to know who he shall play.

The role, however, is being kept strictly under wraps with a few bare-bones teases so far. Nathan Mitchell, who has been playing Black Noir (until… you know), did tell The Movie Dweeb that Morgan is playing a “badass.” And Karl Urban likewise only teased when posting a photo of himself and Morgan “on the set of a Cadillac commercial.” As well, the show’s social media accounts shared a janky photoshop to screw with everyone, but hey, Morgan has one word to add to the equation.

Actually, he’s agreeing with a word that’s already been used in a headline from The Mary Sue: “How Do You Make ‘The Boys’ Even Filthier? Add Jeffrey Dean Morgan.” To that (and the question of what he can say about The Boys), he echoed the “filthier” while speaking Men’s Health: “Well, no… I can’t tell you much about The Boys, but I will tell you to watch. And I do make it ‘filthier.'”

There you have it. Speculation abounds out there in the ether that Morgan may have been tapped to portray Tek-Knight, an old-school member of Payback, but again, there’s been zero confirmation, and when The Boys is ready to show this hand, we shall know it.

(Via Men’s Health)