‘F*CK THAT’: Please Add Jenna Ortega’s Passionate Defense Of Guacamole To The Meme Hall Of Fame

Jenna Ortega stopped by the latest episode of Hot Ones where the Wednesday star got very serious about guacamole, which is definitely one of the most delicious dips known to man. However, despite its simplicity, the recipe is very easy to botch, and Ortega shared her thoughts on making the perfect guac while powering through a mouth full of spicy wings with host Sean Evans.

“Whole lotta lime. You need so much lime in there and jalapeños,” Ortega said. “Just choose good avocados, but lime, yeah, lime is the answer. I hate it when they throw pico de gallo just on top like very casually, just a couple of tomatoes. It doesn’t do anything for me. Either fully submerged, really mix it in there. Do it the right way. If I don’t see any cilantro in there, disappointing instantly. And, yeah, if the avocados are too white, then you know that it’s going to be hard and they’re just not ready.”

However, things got fiery when Evans brought up one of the greatest culinary crimes in recent history, the infamous “peas in the guacamole” recipe, which Ortega was not having.

EVANS: In 2015, The New York Times published a controversial guacamole recipe. They called for a ratio of 2 to 3 cups of fresh green peas to every three avocados-

ORTEGA: F*ck that. It’s like not even controversial. That’s obviously incorrect.

Ortega’s pointed delivery of “F*ck that,” which she delivered while her mouth was on fire, is the stuff of memes. Expect to see lots of videos like the one below bouncing around in the days, and possibly years, ahead.

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(Via First We Feast)