Jennifer Aniston Came Up With The Perfect ‘Friends’ Reunion Idea

Horrible Bosses 2 star Jennifer Aniston was a guest on The Graham Norton Show this week, and the titular host asked the question that is still on too many minds – is Rachel Green talking to the gang about a Friends reunion? More specifically, though, Norton had a bit of an “Enough already” attitude to his line of questioning, asking the actress, “Why don’t you just do the reunion already so people will stop wanging on about it?” (Side note: “Wanging” is such a good word for anything. It doesn’t even have to be used in the way that Norton used it.)

“Honestly, we should just wait,” Aniston said before mocking the iconic milkshake cast photo. “I say we just wait until we’re really much older and just be Golden Friends, so people can say, ‘Look at what happened to Joey.’” But Norton’s idea was even better, as he said to “just make it grim and depressing so no one will ever want to see it again… it could just be a series of funerals.” While that is the greatest idea that anyone has ever presented for a Friends reunion to date, I still believe that the cast making cameos as walkers on The Walking Dead would be the best thing possible, not only for the show’s already great ratings, but for people who still cling to Friends in general.