Jennifer Lawrence Makes A Case For Her Own Talk Show With This People On The Street Segment From ‘Kimmel’

If we could put Jennifer Lawrence onto her own version of Billy On The Street, this Kimmel segment might be what that looks like. Not saying Lawrence should ditch the acting career. She’s pretty good at it and has the awards to prove it. We’re just saying that she could probably host her own talk show and it would at least be as entertaining as Chevy Chase’s foray into the realm of late night. She takes on the classic “man on the street” segment with ease during her guest hosting stint on Kimmel, surprising the randomly selected people on Hollywood Boulevard and asking them to name 5 of her movies.

While nobody took a deep dive to pull out The Bill Engvall Show — a TV show but we’d let it slide — it is surprising that people mentioned Winter’s Bone. It might be the most bad ass movie she’s been in and it’s always nice to hear it mentioned considering her Oscar-winning role in Silver Linings Playbook and “that mop movie,” as someone says on during the segment.

None of the people she spoke to could easily name any of the films, but they eventually got a few. But none of this is about the actual quiz, it’s all about the reactions and the characters she’s put up against. There’s the dad who has no clue who Jennifer Lawrence is, the older lady who loves Jennifer Aniston, and the guy who definitely smokes weed more than “sometimes.” He’s also the kind of guy that has the best cereal in his apartment.

It remains to be seen if Lawrence can handle the interviews, but she does ask Kim Kardashian about O.J. Simpson. That’s a great start.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)