James Corden Texts Leonardo DiCaprio From Jennifer Lopez’s Phone On Carpool Karaoke

Entertainment Editor

Most people get stuck in traffic jams and put their playlists on shuffle, but James Corden actually lives the typical shuffled playlist. In the past few months we’ve seen Adele, Sia and a plethora of other pop heavyweights calling shotgun and showing off their impressive pipes in his car, and now we can add Jennifer Lopez to his human playlist. This time, as a bonus, Corden gets a personal dance lesson from J-Lo after a steady stream of hits are sung while navigating through the clogged streets of LA.

But one thing you should never do while driving is text, that’s why James decided that while they were pulled over post-music video vogue-session, it was a good time to go through J-Lo’s phone to text someone –anyone – famous. They settled on a guy named Leonardo DiCaprio as the best recipient of a text, and hilarity ensues.

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