The First Trailer For Jenny Slate’s Netflix Special Emphasizes Just How Different It’s Going To Be

Last month, Netflix unveiled its plans for a sizeable slate of new stand-up comedy specials for the month of October. The list included the latest hours from comedy veterans like Nikki Glaser and Deon Cole, both of whom had previously taped half hours for Netflix’s The Standups, but the October lineup also included the first-ever special from Jenny Slate. Mere weeks before Stage Fright is set to debut, the streamer dropped the special’s first trailer online.

“I get such bad stage fright,” Slate says in voice-over narration from an interview contained within the special. “It ruins my day. It f*cks my body up. The worst thing is like, ‘Just be yourself!’ Because I’m like, ‘Oh okay. You should see how many selves there are in my psyche.'”

If the interview isn’t already a clue, the trailer’s succession of cuts from different stand-up performances, various sit-downs with Slate’s friends and family, and documentary-esque shots of New York City reinforce precisely how different Stage Fright intends to be. Of course, as the many, many stand-up comedy specials that Netflix and others have produced and distributed in recent years have proven, not all hours are the same. They don’t have to follow the same formula and it seems Slate’s first taken this to heart.

Jenny Slate: Stage Fright begins streaming Tuesday, October 22nd only on Netflix.