‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Is Frustratingly Close To Passing A Momentous Milestone

Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider has broken records already by becoming the Winningest Woman in the show’s history. Amy’s been having a rough week off camera, given that she was robbed at gunpoint last weekend with her ID and other personal items stolen. She then decided to take a Twitter breather, which she extended due to illness, although Amy assured her followers that “I’m feeling mostly better now.”

The show, obviously, runs taped episodes, so there’s been no shortage of Amy continuing to beat the hell out of her fellow contestants. Ahead of Thursday night’s episode, Jeopardy! saluted Amy for her $950,000 in earnings thus far. She’s not in James Holzhauer per-game territory (no one is, not even Ken Jennings or Matt Amodio), but Amy’s not doing too shabby with an average of $36,538 per game.

Before Thursday’s airing, Amy had racked up 26 wins, and yep she added another one. As of now, she’s added another $27,000 and is sitting at a super comfy $977,000.

Yes, that’s nail-bitingly close to $1,000,000, and tonight’s show was not an easy one, since all competitors gave it their all, but there’s less than another $25,000 to go until a momentous milestone for Amy Schneider. Considering her per-game average, she should be able to easily hit one million if she wins on Friday. She’ll aim defend her title and hopefully more. Go get ’em, Amy!