‘Jeopardy!’ Is About To Reach An Incredible Milestone In TV History

Jeopardy! is all about stone-cold facts (well, most of the time), so it honestly feels a little disrespectful that on Wikipedia, it says the game show has aired “over 8,000 episodes.” Not a specific number, but over 8,000. That’s not technically wrong, but come on. The late, great Alex Trebek would have not put up with this estimation. Thankfully, the official Jeopardy! account on X has the exact number. “Tonight’s broadcast of Jeopardy! will conclude with a celebration of our 9000th episode, each and every one of which has been announced by the legendary Johnny Gilbert! Be sure to tune in!” it reads.

Over 9,000 episodes! For perspective’s sake, the longest-running scripted series in American television history is The Simpsons with only (“only”) 762 episodes, one of which featured a guest star appearance from Trebek. And the 9,000 episodes only includes the syndicated edition — it’s even higher with the original versions.

“I started taking voice lessons when I was still in high school, got a job with a little band and traveled around in that area for a while,” Gilbert told Fox News about how he got started. “That was the beginning of it all.”

To find out when to watch the 9,000th episode in your local market, head here.