Right-Wingers Are Freaking Out Over A ‘Woke’ Puzzle On ‘Jeopardy!’

A “woke” puzzle on Jeopardy! has right-wingers losing their minds on social media. During this week’s Tournament of Champions, one of the categories included an answer on pronouns, so you can probably already see where this is going.

The tantrum kicked off after contestant Cris Pannullo selected a $600 puzzle in the “Speech! Parts of Speech!” category. The answer read “Xem, Xyrs, Xemself,” and Pannullo correctly guessed, “What are pronouns?” (Although, Jennings noted that they’re actually neopronouns, but Pannullo’s answer still locked down the prize.)

As for why right-wingers are freaking out, pronoun usage has been a hot topic issue for several years now as MAGA conservatives have railed against any attempts to accommodate the LGBTQ community.

Via Decider:

Xem, xyrs, and xemself are examples of gender-neutral pronouns that have become increasingly popular in recent years, in addition to ze/zir, or the more commonly used he/she/they.

The inclusion of the pronoun question was enough to make the anti-woke crowd start frothing at the mouth on Twitter even though we’d bet cash money that only handful of them (if any at all) are regular Jeopardy! watchers. The End Wokeness Twitter account kicked off a wave of right-wing crying that includes over 1,400 comments as of this writing.

“If even @Jeopardy thinks these are pronouns, say good bye to to normalcy,” one user wrote.

“Alex Trebek did not spend 20 months, heroically battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer so commie scum could bastardize his beloved gameshow with ‘neo pronouns,'” The Red Headed Libertarian tweeted.

“Looks like our country is in Jeopardy,” wrote another reply.

You get the picture. “Pronouns bad, America doomed,” rinse, repeat when some other “woke” thing captures the MAGA throng’s attention.

(Via Decider)