Jeremy Allen White’s ‘The Bear’ Hairdo Was Inspired By An Iconic Photo Of Marco Pierre White

By now, Jeremy Allen White has likely heard every conceivable reaction about his character from The Bear. He knows that people refer to Carmy as “Ketamine Gene Wilder.” He realizes that the Internet collectively thirsted over his Chef Intensity, to the point where I spent arguably too many words mulling over whether Carmy should have sex in Season 2. And now, all of that heat is piling atop the awards buzz leading up to Golden Globes nominations that will roll out on December 12.

The Shameless star, who suddenly had four A24 scripts waiting for him in the wake of The Bear, previously discussed how he used water and sweat to style his disheveled Carmy hairdo for the kitchen. He recently sat down with Deadline’s Lynette Rice, who remarked, “Carmy’s hair really is its own character on the show.” To that, White unveiled his Chef hair’s inspiration, which would be the cover of Marco Pierre White’s Devil in the Kitchen book. You can see that cover here, and White sure nailed the look. Here’s more from via Deadline:

“Yeah, I was reading all kinds of books before starting the show and there’s this pretty famous picture of Marco Pierre White smoking a cigarette on the cover of his book The Devil in the Kitchen. And I was like, ‘Oh wow, that guy looks cool. I wonder if I can grow my hair out and try to look something like that?’ And so I did. And then yeah, I don’t know, I think Carmy was kind of pulling his hair out the whole season. He was on the edge the whole time.”

Here’s a different photo of Marco Pierre White in front of another famous photo taken by Bob Carlos Clarke. Get it, Chefs.

Marco Pierre White by Bob Carlos Clarke - Exhibition
Getty Image

(Via Deadline)