Jeremy Piven’s Hair is Science Fiction

06.02.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

If bus stops and subway stations seem douchier than usual, it’s probably because the new poster for Season 7 of “Entourage” is on display. It’s more of the same from a show that has never promised anything but more of the same, namely: the carefree existence and empty non-dilemmas of the vapid talentless star and his lucky crowd of friends as they cavort through the smog-choked purgatory of Los Angeles. Oh, and also: tits.

Probably the most interesting aspect of this poster is Jeremy Piven’s hair. Didn’t that dude used to be balding? I heard something about him wearing a hairpiece in recent years, but this is pretty egregious. Apparently his character ages like Benjamin Button. Or maybe he got a hair transplant from Snake on “The Simpsons,” and the hair is going to make him kill people on the show. Now THAT I’d watch.


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