Jeremy Renner’s ‘Hawkeye’ Series For Disney+ Is Really Filming, And He’s Got The Set Photo To Prove It

It’s been a long road, but the Hawkeye series for Disney+ is finally filming. Despite rumors of a troubled production, actors initially denying that they’re in the show, and a very messy custody battle, Jeremy Renner posted a photo from the set on Wednesday, and there’s no denying the streaming series is real now. While the pic simply shows a chair that with the name “Clint Barton” on it, Renner wrote in the caption “Ms. Bishop… we need you,” which fuels more speculation that the show will focus on Renner’s Barton passing the Hawkeye mantle to Kate Bishop.

You can see Renner’s set photo below:

Speaking of Kate Bishop, Hailee Steinfeld was also photographed on the set this week, causing both Steinfeld and Kate Bishop to trend on social media. Steinfeld had downplayed reports that she was taking on the Bishop role all the way back in November 2019, and the production took so long to get going that it seemed like a denial was the real deal. In fact, as of this writing, neither Marvel or Steinfeld have officially announced that she’s in the show. But she was definitely filming yesterday with Renner in Manhattan. Via E! News:

The images from the set show Steinfeld’s character in a purple outfit and long black jacket while holding a large bow. She and Renner’s character—Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye—are seen running down the stairs of a subway station, with poor Clint looking worse for wear on account of that bloody forehead.

However, Kate Bishop and Hawkeye weren’t the only Marvel characters filming on Wednesday. Lucky the Pizza Dog was also on set, and it wasn’t long until he was trending, too. The very good boy’s presence was yet another confirmation that the Hawkeye series will draw heavily from writer Matt Fraction’s fan-favorite run in the comics.

(Via Jeremy Renner on Twitter)