Jesse Plemons Joins Elizabeth Olsen In ‘Love And Death,’ One Of Two Dueling Series About Axe Murderer Candy Montgomery

Jesse Plemons may be most recognizable from his work in such ensemble series as Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, Fargo, and Black Mirror, but he’s always one of the best parts of any show he is in. And his two Emmy nominations—for Fargo in 2016 and Black Mirror in 2018—are certainly proof of that. Now, The Wrap reports that this lucky charm of an actor is joining Elizabeth Olsen in Love and Death, the new HBO limited series that tells the story of axe murderer Candy Montgomery, who captured the national media’s attention in the 1980s when she murdered her neighbor and BFF Betty Gore.

Plemons will play Betty Gore’s husband Allan, whose affair with Candy was the catalyst for the brutal murder. Love and Death is based on John Bloom and Jim Atkinson’s book Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs, as well as a series of Texas Monthly articles. The logline for the series, which is being written by David E. Kelley, is: “Two church going couples, enjoying small town family life in Texas, until somebody picks up an axe.” Oh, those church going couples!

Perhaps most interesting about Love and Death is that much like in 1993, when viewers were treated to not one but two stories about “The Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher—Alyssa Milano’s Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story and Drew Barrymore’s The Amy Fisher Story—there are dueling Candy Montgomery stories in the works. In addition to HBO’s Love and Death, The Handmaid’s Tale star Elisabeth Moss will play Montgomery in the Hulu limited series Candy, which is being executive produced by The Act’s Nick Antosca and Robin Veith (with whom Moss worked on Mad Men).

Only time will tell whether Elizabeth or Elisabeth reigns supreme—but at least The Scarlet Witch has Plemons on her side.

(Via The Wrap)