A ‘Jessica Jones’ Tweet Teases Luke Cage Showing Up Sometime In November

Marvel‘s ever-expanding slate of Netflix fare has scored some rave reviews and die-hard viewers, but the gap between seasons can be a bit of a slog. The upside? The offseason for shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones can ramp up enthusiasm all the more for a series to return and every little clue dished out during the break is investigated within an inch of its life. EVERYTHING IS EXCITING AND FULL OF POSSIBILITY! Let’s get to the new “clue,” shall we?

This tweet popped up online today courtesy of the official Jessica Jones Twitter account. (Yes, we understand that Jessica Jones isn’t an actual person.) If you would be so kind as to take a gander at the name and month featured on the main file, you’ll see “CAGE” and “NOVEMBER” scribbled in caps for the world to see. It’s not 100 percent clear what the file in the tweet is making reference to, so let’s approach this as calmly as possible.

The two main takeaways are: Hunky hero Luke Cage and the month that Axl Rose must never have a wedding in. The November nod is being taken two different ways. One theory is that Jessica Jones, a show still sorting out its season two premiere date, is presenting Cage as a teased client for the detective drama’s next go-around. The other theory has it that the much buzzed about Luke Cage standalone series is likely to debut on that spot of the calendar and the file is a cute way of passing that information along. The first season of Jessica Jones came into our lives in November 2015, so feel free to use that dynamic however you like when making your argument about what the file is trying to tell us.

What do you make of this tweet? Is it confirmation that a Luke Cage series will be dominating your Netflix viewing rectangle of choice this November? Is it just a friendly reminder that there’s more Jessica Jones on the way? Is it none of those things because the purple tinge promises something sinister? Let’s talk it out in the comments.