‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Is Coming To Netflix, But When?

When Marvel’s second Netflix series, Jessica Jones, premiered in November, critics and fans alike greeted the show with an outpouring of praise and acclaim. Not only did Krysten Ritter knock the titular role out of the park, but David Tennant’s portrayal of the nefarious Kilgrave seemingly solved the studio’s ongoing villain problem. Everyone was happy, but the question of whether or not a second season would be coming anytime soon (or at all) remained in doubt. At least, it did until now.

That’s because, according to Entertainment Weekly and other outlets attending the Television Critics Association’s 2016 winter press tour, Netflix has ordered a second season of Jessica Jones.

We can also tell you the second season will be another 13 episodes, and that showrunner Melissa Rosenberg is back on board. But there was premiere date yet announced.

Netflix’s announcement at the annual TCA meeting comes at a welcome time for fans of Marvel’s television endeavors, especially since many weren’t sure what would happened with the superhero-turned-detective. Even Ritter wasn’t sure what would happen to the character outside of the studio’s plans for The Defenders, an upcoming Netflix miniseries that will team Jones up with Daredevil, Luke Cage and the Iron Fist. As showrunner Rosenberg said in an interview, “Defenders has to shoot by a certain time, contractually,” so further episodes of Jones can’t interfere with Marvel and Netflix’s original deal.

Then again, Marvel is already prepping a brand new Netflix series, The Punisher — based on actor Jon Bernthal’s work in Daredevil‘s second season. With confidence and leg room like that, there’s no telling what kind of additional agreement(s) the studio and the distributor have (or may) come to. Defenders was initially announced for 2016, but seeing as how Daredevil and Jones were awarded second seasons, and Luke Cage and Iron Fist haven’t been released and made yet, perhaps Ritter’s return to the small screen will come a lot sooner than expected.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)