Jessica Lange Has Officially Peaced Out Of ‘American Horror Story’

So, about that “reinvention” Ryan Murphy is planning for season five of American Horror Story. Being that every season has in some way revolved around Jessica Lange’s scenery-chewing characters, one would assume that any American Horror Story NOT involving Ms. Lange would have to be drastically different. And it looks like that’s going to be the case, because Jessica Lange did, in fact, take her final bow last night.

Of course, it’s not a complete surprise that this would be Jessica Lange’s final season, as she said so much in an EW interview back in November of 2013. However Ryan Murphy later later claimed that there was a possibility of her waffling, and he was doing everything he could to convince her to stay. YOU SHOULD HAVE TRIED HARDER.

I’ll have the recap of the finale up a bit later, but this certainly lends a new poignancy to the final scene of American Horror Story: Freak Show.