Jimmy Fallon Follows Up His Trump Interview By Donning A Surgical Mask To Interview Hillary Clinton

09.17.16 2 years ago 9 Comments


Jimmy Fallon didn’t make many friends with his Thursday night chat with Donald Trump. The days of Trump being a fun, breezy chat are gone as we inch closer to election day, making Fallon’s playful interview look bad in the eyes of many online. If it had happened a year ago, we might not even be discussing it and the viral moment with Trump’s hair may have passed as intended.

Now for his interview with Hillary Clinton — set to air on Monday — Fallon might be stoking the outrage a bit by joking about Clinton’s health. That’s not saying he does anything outrageous by donning a surgical mask and using hand sanitizer while greeting the Democratic candidate or that Clinton seemed offended by it at all. It’s just pointing out that there will clearly people who are upset, especially in the wake of the Trump interview.

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