Jimmy Fallon And Will Smith Welcome ‘The Tonight Show’ To New York With The ‘Evolution Of Hip Hop Dance’

There was a lot to cover on the first episode of The Tonight Show featuring Jimmy Fallon at the helm and we are sure to have it covered throughout the day. But as a little taste of the greatness to come, here’s Jimmy and Will Smith taking us through the history of hip-hop dancing, complete with a bad ass accompaniment by The Roots.

It’s all here from the “cabbage patch” and the “running man” to modern favorites like twerking and the “dougie.” They even give Kid N’ Play a little love by recreating that amazing dance from House Party.

The real joy here is that Jimmy’s new show is almost just like his old show, but with a different caliber of guest. At least that’s the early evaluation from the first episode. And yes, Will Smith did the “Carlton” once again.

Why didn’t you call up Alfonso Ribeiro? He can’t be too busy on UK reality television.

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(Via The Tonight Show)