Jimmy Kimmel Went To Venice Beach To Ask People On 4/20: ‘Are You High Right Now?’

Yesterday was April 20th, the holiest of stoner holidays — well, the only stoner holiday, as far as I’m aware — and as you can imagine, millions of Americans across the country celebrated their God given (if not federally illegal) right to blaze up. As Jimmy Kimmel pointed out, 52 percent of Americans, to be exact, have smoked or currently smoke marijuana.

Being that recreational marijuana is now legal in California, Kimmel sent a camera crew down to Venice Beach, which is arguably the stoner capital of Southern California, to ask people the simple question: “Are you high right now?”

Of course they’re going to be high, it’s Venice Beach, right? Surprisingly, not everyone they spoke to, even a few that seemed like dead ringers (Lola from Denmark with flowers in her hair, we’re looking at you), were high on 4/20. Heck, one guy who Kimmel labeled “old school,” was actually drunk off a concoction of lemonade and tequila that he was sipping out of a paper cup.

Spoiler alert, while not everyone was high, anyone accessorizing with some kind of marijuana leaf apparel could at least be counted on, such as the last gentleman who admitted that he was “really high,” the reason being that he “smoked weed.” Never change, stoners.