Jimmy Kimmel Returns With A Follow-Up To His Healthcare Monologue That Doesn’t Hold Back On His Critics

Last week Jimmy Kimmel drew praise (and ire) for going on his show and telling his tear-jerking story about his son, Billy Kimmel, who was born with a congenital heart defect. As Kimmel struggled to get through his monologue, he pleaded for Washington D.C. to do the right thing and make sure that healthcare could be had for all. A few days later, the first steps to repealing Obamacare were taken, now Kimmel is back as an unlikely mouthpiece for those who want U.S. healthcare to be better than that of a developing country.

In his returning monologue, Kimmel poked fun at the perception that he really didn’t do much at all with his second point firing back at the critics who couldn’t get past the fact that he was someone who was on TV. “A Hollywood elitist,” because we all know being on TV makes your opinions invalid. Ours is a nation that would never let an actor or reality show host hold office, so why should Kimmel be empathizing with sick children? (h/t Variety)

“One week ago tonight, I made an emotional speech — that was seen by millions —and as a result of my powerful words, Republicans in Congress had second thoughts about repeal and replace, they realized that what is right is right — and I saved health insurance in America!

Oh, I didn’t? They voted against it anyway? I really need to pay more attention to the news.

I apologize for saying that kids in America should have healthcare. It was insensitive.

Self-deprecating or not, Kimmel’s voice has been heard. His son’s tale is becoming a rallying cry for parents, politicians, and a citizenry who believe affordable, quality healthcare is a right that shouldn’t just belong exclusively to lawmakers. Senator Bill Cassidy, who is a physician, went on CNN and on Kimmel Live to discuss the aptly named “Kimmel Test.”

“I ask does it pass the Jimmy Kimmel test. Would the child born with a congenital heart disease be able to get everything she or he would need in that first year of life … even if they go over a certain amount?”

Will Kimmel’s touching opposing of Trumpcare make a difference, or is he just going to be tuned out for being a “Hollywood elite” despite his first-hand experience?

(Via CNN and Jimmy Kimmel Live!)