Jimmy Kimmel Asks Happy Couples How Many Times A Month They Have Sex With Predictably Hilarious Results

02.01.17 2 years ago

As we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel decided it was time to bring back one of his favorite segments in which he surveys couples his staff finds walking along Hollywood Boulevard, and puts them completely on the spot in front of a live studio audience by asking them how many times per month they have sex — a formula that is more or less always television gold.

This time they picked an unmarried couple that had been together for three years, a couple married for 36 years and another couple married for 38 years. In a shocking twist, the unmarried couple seemed to be relatively on the same page about how often they get it on, while the couples married for over three decades were definitely not. Although if you’re a person who has ever had difficulty asking your mom to communicate something to your dad or vice versa, this probably won’t come as a huge surprise.

Still, “two” and “10” (in both cases) is a pretty big damn discrepancy, unless one partner is secretly getting some strange on the sly, in which case they probably wouldn’t want to mention that on national television. But you have to admit after nearly 40 years, even two times per month is not the worst thing to aspire to.

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