Jimmy Kimmel Hit Back At Trump For Insulting Talentless Late Night Hosts: Being The Dad Of Eric And Don Jr. Should Give Him ‘More Sympathy For Untalented Fools

On Monday, all most people wanted to talk about was how surreal things got on the House floor in the early morning hours of Saturday morning, when Republicans finally managed to (sort of) come together and vote Kevin McCarthy in as Speaker of the House. But Donald Trump is not most people — and he seemed more concerned with how unfunny late-night TV has become. Which Jimmy Kimmel promptly roasted him about.

Exactly what prompted Trump to lash out against late-night talk show hosts is unclear, but Kimmel thinks he may have just “woken up on the wrong side of the tanning bed.” Because he kicked off his Monday morning with a social media attack on guys like Kimmel. As the host explained:

[Trump] wrote: ‘Wow. Those Trump-hating late-night network shows are doing really badly. The worst ratings that those time slots have had in television history,’ says the guy posting to no one on TRUTH Social. ‘Why are the untalented fools who host paid so much? Does the DNC make a contribution as a wing of the Democrat party? They are all a total joke — not talent, no laughs.’

You know, you think being the father of Eric and Don Jr., he’d have more sympathy for untalented fools.

Kimmel did, however, allow that Trump is correct that he and his fellow hosts do make a lot of money. Though he clarified what they did with that money: “We pay taxes on it!”

He didn’t end there though. “While we’re on the subject of low ratings,” Kimmel said, addressing Trump directly, “yours are lower than the wall you never built.”

You can watch the clip above beginning around the 7:35 mark.