Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids About The Story Of Easter And Of Course Kids Have No Frigging Clue

Kids these days. It’s like they don’t even know that Jesus was horribly murdered on a cross and then had his dead body thrown in a cave where he came back as a zombie to absolve us of all of our sins, or something. Instead it’s all about bunnies and eggs and candy and toys. To prove this point, Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew out of Hollywood Boulevard to ask kids on spring break what the actual story of Easter is, and the results were about what you would expect.

The first kid they ask clearly knows he’s screwed, offering up only an “um … uhh” and side-eye at first, and then later in the video pretty confidently guessing that “drugs” killed Jesus. Another kid gets it wrong when asked what happened with Jesus on Easter and he responds, “He made a bunny?” WRONG! No candy for you! One boy gets it sort of right by answering “The bad guys killed him,” but then later guesses that the people begged Jesus not to kill them when he came back from the dead. (Dude was a zombie, after all.)

The last little boy almost nails it (lol, jk), but either way, somebody ought to sit these kids down and make them watch that Mel Gibson movie before they’re allowed to have their Easter baskets this year.