‘General Lie-senhower’: Jimmy Kimmel Had A Field Day With Michael Flynn’s Coup Debacle

A violent overthrow of the government is no laughing matter, but if there’s even an ounce of humor to be found in a disgraced former National Security Advisor telling an unhinged group of conspiracy theorists who actually believe that Donald Trump is their rightful leader that a coup is a pretty good idea, then swearing he didn’t say it, Jimmy Kimmel will find it. And on Tuesday night’s show, he did, telling the audience:

“Trump’s old pardon pal Michael Flynn, a man who admitted to lying to the FBI, who went to prison for it, appeared at what was essentially QAnon-Con this weekend. Where he quite plainly supported an idea from a man in the crowd who asked, ‘Why don’t we just overthrow the government?’ Keep in mind, the man on stage answering this question is a former general and National Security Advisor.”

After taking a moment to address the way the QAdude in question pronounced the name Myanmar, Kimmel went on to explain the situation in question—and paint a more detailed picture of what people were witnessing in the video taken of Flynn’s talk:

“Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia. In February, the military seized control of the… country. They refused to accept the results of an election there so they organized a coup. Thousands of protestors have been imprisoned and hundreds have been killed and General Lie-senhower up there thinks we should do that here, too. Although after it was suggested that he be court-martialed for that remark, Flynn tried to walk it back.”

Flynn took to social media to actually claim that he did not say the very thing you just watched him say.

Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube

You can watch the full segment in the video above (it starts around the 4:05 mark).